A contract has been awarded to ANRA to test BVLOS drone operations.

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  • A contract has been awarded to ANRA to test BVLOS drone operations.
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May 25, 2022 – WASHINGTON, D.C. and TARTU – Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) has chosen ANRA Technologies to supply its SmartSkies portfolio of technology solutions to support simulation and live drone flight operations at Virginia Tech’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership UAS test site. The tests are part of a bigger project to safely incorporate Unmanned Aircraft Systems into the National Airspace System and develop BVLOS operations.

RI&S will construct a ground-based surveillance supplemental data service provider (SDSP) test programme that will include local radar services using the company’s Skyler active electronically scanned array, AESA, UAS weather product services, and UAS service suppliers as part of the deal.

ANRA Technologies will work with RI&S and other programme participants, such as Virginia Tech, SkyGrid, and Tomorrow.io, to develop and test technologies that will enable scalable, safe, and compliant BVLOS drone operations at low altitudes.

As the nation pushes forward to provide a secure and dependable environment for UAS and Urban Air Mobility, ANRA will use its SmartSkies airspace management and data services platform to collect precise and comprehensive SDSP data to provide a holistic operational strategy.

In order to build a well-defined and known airspace environment, ANRA SmartSkies FUSION will receive data feeds from the Skyler AESA as well as data supplied from cooperative aircraft flying within the USS network.

“ANRA is looking forward to working with our partners on this project to implement our SmartSkies technology,” stated Amit Ganjoo, CEO of ANRA Technologies. “With our technology, we will be able to test and evaluate systems that will pave the way for largescale commercial BVLOS drone operations,” Ganjoo added.

SmartSkies FUSION uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a path-prediction capability that can predict where planes will be positioned in the future. SmartSkies CTR, in turn, allows UTM to combine and integrate networked and non-networked surveillance data, resulting in a comprehensive airspace image that can be delivered to authorised users. SmartSkies AWARE will integrate the Tomorrow.io weather intelligence platform, as well as other additional datasets already in the system, into the system for flight planning and route optimization.

SmartSkies FUSION uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce a path-prediction capability that can predict where planes will be positioned in the future. SmartSkies CTR then allows UTM to collect and combine networked and nonnetworked surveillance data, resulting in a full airspace image that can be delivered to authorised users. The Tomorrow.io weather intelligence platform, as well as other additional datasets presently available in the system, will be integrated into SmartSkies AWARE for flight planning and route optimization.

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