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12,000 wingcopters for the world’s largest commercial drone deployment -Continental Drones and Wingcopter will completely change African supply chains and logistics.

May 19, 2022, Accra, Ghana / Weiterstadt, Germany — Continental Drones Ltd., a subsidiary of Ghana- and Dubai-based Atlantic Trust

Dronétix was acquired by Donecle in order to expand its automated inspection capabilities to aeroplane components, beginning with engines and landing gear.

On April 20th, Donecle, the industry leader in drone-based automated aircraft inspection, announced the acquisition of Dronétix Technologie to broaden

Drone startup sprays fertilizer over 4,000 acres

”We have sprayed fertilizers in 4,000 acre farm land spread in Khargone, Raisen, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Guna and Gwalior districts with

Ingenious Underwater Drone Can Take to the Air in Under a Second

The drone, which was inspired by the suckerfish, can also attach itself to other moving objects and catch a ride.

Uttar Pradesh will host a drone excellence center.

Omnipresent Robot Technologies has signed an agreement to establish a drone excellence centre in Uttar Pradesh with Gautam Buddha University

Garuda Aerospace and IIT Roorkee have partnered to deliver drone training across India.

The collaboration will concentrate on drone technologies in the main technical and research areas of software and technology research and

The Indian Army is considering using quadcopters for surveillance.

India has launched another another procurement process for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), this time for quadcopters that can fly at

On the new KARGO expeditionary UAV, Kaman predicts a tenfold return.

Kaman’s KARGO UAV is still in development, but the business expects substantial demand based on interest from the USMC and