12,000 wingcopters for the world’s largest commercial drone deployment -Continental Drones and Wingcopter will completely change African supply chains and logistics.

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  • 12,000 wingcopters for the world’s largest commercial drone deployment -Continental Drones and Wingcopter will completely change African supply chains and logistics.
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May 19, 2022, Accra, Ghana / Weiterstadt, Germany — Continental Drones Ltd., a subsidiary of Ghana- and Dubai-based Atlantic Trust Holding, and German drone delivery pioneer Wingcopter have signed a partnership agreement to assist build drone-based distribution networks with thousands of Wingcopter drones across the African continent. These networks will increase the dependability and efficiency of existing supply chains while also assisting in the creation of whole new ones. Continental Drones has been named a Wingcopter Authorized Partner (WAPP) for all 49 Sub-Saharan African countries, according to the firms. The two companies plan to deploy 12,000 Wingcopter 198, the world’s most advanced delivery drone, across Africa over the next five years, making it the largest commercial deployment in the worldwide delivery drone market to date.

Infrastructure is one of the most significant hurdles to universal health coverage and economic development in many African communities. Setting up large-scale drone delivery networks across African airspace will boost logistics in these countries and help build an entirely new transportation framework – much faster, cheaper, more sustainable, and efficient than traditional ground-based infrastructure development with all its unhealthy and climate-damaging emissions.

Governments and the commercial sector will be able to leapfrog inefficient infrastructure to climate-neutral, dependable, and rapid logistic capabilities by bridging the infrastructure gap with massive fleets of Wingcopter drones deployed even in the most remote locations. Wingcopter’s technology will be used to enhance the lives of millions of Africans, for example, by delivering medicines, vaccines, and laboratory samples on demand, as well as everyday necessities. Furthermore, by more effectively connecting communities and creating thousands of new employment opportunities to manage these distribution networks, it has the potential to turbocharge the economic development of the countries in which the Wingcopter networks will be developed. The completely electric Wingcopter 198 contributes to a more sustainable African logistics system.

“We are committed to accelerating Africa’s growth and economic integration by facilitating the deployment of drone-based distribution networks across the continent using Wingcopter.” These networks offer a real possibility to fuel economic development and help millions improve their livelihoods, thanks to our extensive business experience on the ground and Wingcopter’s best-in-class drone technology. African countries demonstrate true leadership by embracing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of their people and future generations,” says Alexander Asiedu, Founder of Continental Drones and Chairman of Atlantic Trust Holding.

“This agreement and trustful relationship is a real game-changer, establishing Wingcopter and Continental Drones at the top of the drone delivery business,” says Tom Plümmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Wingcopter. Wingcopter is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the massive potential of drone delivery in the coming decade. We are confident that our collaboration with Alex and his Continental Drones team will significantly expand the African drone delivery business, allowing us to improve and save millions of lives together.”

Wingcopter Information

Wingcopter is a German manufacturer of eVTOL, fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and a drone delivery service provider focused on improving medical supply chains and last-mile logistics of goods, tools, spare parts, meals, and consumables. The 120-person team is committed to bettering and saving lives around the world through commercial and humanitarian applications.

The Wingcopter 198 can take off and land vertically like a multicopter, while flying long distances as effectively and rapidly as a fixed-wing aircraft, even in strong rain and wind, thanks to its proprietary tilt-rotor mechanism and software algorithms.

Wingcopter is a Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum. Xplorer Capital, Futury Capital, ITOCHU, DRONE FUND, SYNERJET, Expa, Hessen Kapital III, and Corecam Capital Partners are among Wingcopter’s investors.

Continental Drones Ltd. information

Continental Drones is a pan-African firm headquartered in Ghana with the goal of enabling the African continent to benefit from drone technology. Continental Drones, as the Wingcopter Authorized Partner for Sub-Saharan Africa, is assisting African countries in establishing large-scale drone-based delivery networks that significantly improve supply chains and logistics. Atlantic Trust Holding Ltd is the parent company of Continental Drones.

Atlantic Trust Holding Ltd. information

Atlantic Trust Holding Limited is an Asian, Middle Eastern, and African private investment holding firm. It began making business investments in 2001, when it completed a number of real estate developments in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. The firm is currently involved in a number of enterprises throughout Africa and Asia. It also has a strong commitment to humanitarian aid in Ghana.

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