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BOXROX spoke to Kelli about the whole process and what happened.
A couple years after the birth of my second child, I was looking for something different.
A friend invited me to try CrossFit and I was hooked after one class.
I don’t compete often, and the 2017 CrossFit Games was my first individual competition ever.

It also gave me a lot of direction and specific goals going into the following year, and rolling burpee 2018 best non stim pre workout was much more enjoyable. 2017 was all about coming back from the birth of my third child, but 2018 was about filling holes in my fitness and making more specific improvements.
Also, I already had relationships established with many of the women in my division, and those friendships added a unique element of camaraderie and enjoyment for me this year.

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I don’t use preworkout in training, but use it only when I compete. (I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning, but otherwise I intentionally do not consume caffeine so as to maximize its effect when competing.) On July 24 th, a few days before leaving for Madison, I purchased the canister from a local store near my home.
I used it prior to my events during the 4 days of competition at the Games.

Obviously, some of those things (multi-vitamines, etc.) had already been consumed and discarded, but the ones I still had were shipped out for testing.
The cost of supplement testing is quite high, so we tested only a few things at a time.
We also provided additional documentation to support my case.

So, increasing awareness among athletes around third-party testing would theoretically help to prevent this in the future.
What’s interesting is that I thought I was being careful in choosing my supplements, and most of them were third party tested.
This particular supplement was just so widely used, commonly seen at CrossFit events, and sponsoring CrossFit athletes, that I naively figured the company as a whole was safe.

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I don’t have a particular solution for it, I just have realized over the past couple of months how prevalent this issue beginner bowflex workout is and how little we can do about it.
I have no problem with holding athletes accountable, but it’s fascinating the way we manage to criticize athletes for their role in it, and then throw 2019 coachmen crossfit 22c up our hands at the role supplement companies play.
What are your future plans in the sport of CrossFit.

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And I feel frustrated with the lack of regulation around such a large, powerful industry.
I’m grateful that we found the source of my contamination and, thus, the reason for my positive test.
I think the agony of going to my grave never knowing how this happened would have been extremely challenging, and I am fortunate to have found an answer to that question.

The cost of testing supplements and legal fees that accompany good representation are considerable, and I’m grateful that my husband has been equally as motivated (sometimes more!) to fight my case.
I love CrossFit and hope to continue my involvement in training and coaching for many years.
I haven’t thought much beyond that, and can’t say for certain if I’ll return as a competitor or not.

However, I trust that these changes are well thought out, and that CrossFit has a long-term vision that makes sense and is good for the community and for the athletes.
It may take a season or two for them to work out the details.
I’m not sure I agree with how they’ve rolled it all out and the way they’ve kept the public in the dark about so many aspects, but that isn’t really relevant to my feelings about the changes themselves.

Tuesday 7/16 — Coyote CrossFit

People will work with it and adapt and rent workout equipment I’m sure it will be just fine.
I’m a person who doesn’t especially enjoy being pregnant, but I was fortunate to have smooth, uneventful pregnancies, which allowed me to maintain a fairly high level of activity.
I ran marathons and half-marathons with my first two pregnancies, but I didn’t begin CrossFit until prior to my third.

I had a super supportive doctor, a very knowledgeable, supportive coach, and I knew enough to not be fearful of training.
I can honestly say that coming back after the birth of my third, I felt much stronger and recovered much faster than after the first two (where I was primarily running).
I felt far-and-away better during and after my CrossFitting pregnancy.

It helped that it was not my first rodeo, so I understood the pregnancy what muscles do burpees work process and what was “normal” versus what felt different to me.
I really didn’t need to adapt much at all until the later months, as my belly got bigger and my joints loosened up more.
But my coach was vigilant about watching my movements and adjusting when necessary in order to keep things safe.