TechEagle introduces the Vertiplane X3, India’s fastest multipurpose hybrid drone.

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The device is designed to deliver healthcare to rural areas, meet the needs of the maritime and defence industries, and reinforce the traditional logistics supply chain.

TechEagle, a deeptech company that specialises in drone logistics, announced the launch of the ‘Vertiplane X3,’ the world’s fastest hybrid e-VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone. TechEagle’s product will be used in a variety of businesses, including giving better healthcare access to remote places, as well as hyperlocal and e-commerce needs.

The product also intends to meet the needs of the maritime and defence industries, as well as to improve and speed up access to the traditional supply chain.

At the E-Commerce Logistics Summit 2022 in Mumbai today, Gurgaon-based leading drone delivery firm TechEagle unveiled the Vertiplane X3, India’s fastest hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) drone. The drone, which was just released, combines the capabilities of a helicopter and an aeroplane, allowing it to take off and land vertically like a helicopter without the use of a runway. VERTIPLANE X3 stands for VERTI (Vertical flying, landing, and take-off capabilities like a helicopter) + Plane (Can cruise rapidly and cover large distances like a passenger aeroplane), and X3 is the VERTIPLANE series model number.

The Vertiplane X3 will have a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour, a range of 100 kilometres, and a payload of 3 kilogrammes. It can travel over a variety of terrains to deliver cargo and services to places where traditional transportation would take hours or even days. TechEagle’s Made-in-India drone is designed to address a variety of business difficulties, including enhanced access to healthcare in rural locations, speedier hyperlocal and e-commerce requirements, and maritime and defence industry demands.

“We want to work with a variety of clients in healthcare, hyperlocal (Zepto,Dunzo,Blinkit), and e-commerce (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra) to solve mid-mile and last-mile logistics concerns with our new drone,” says Vikram Singh Meena, Co-founder and CEO of TechEagle. “The launch of the new drone, which will increase last-mile logistics delivery, will benefit all stakeholders in the associated industries.”

Bird? Plane? Drone?
The Vertiplane X3 is capable of landing and taking off in a space as small as 5m5m. When the drone reaches its cruise height and speed, it behaves like an airliner until it reaches its destination, at which time it reverts to helicopter mode and lands in a very small (5m5m) area. In the near future, the business hopes to develop and deploy a 200-kilogram payload drone. “Last-mile logistics is one of the most onerous logistical challenges. Not just in India, but all throughout the globe. In steep terrain, where medical supplies are in high demand, it becomes more challenging. As a remedy, we expect Vertiplane X3 will address the primary pain points “Singh explains.

Our On-Demand Drone Logistics Airline will welcome the Vertiplane X3 as the first drone. This device will be the first major step toward our goal of saving and improving the lives of a billion people.”

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