On an advanced training programme, DRONAMICS collaborates with FlightSafety International.

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  • On an advanced training programme, DRONAMICS collaborates with FlightSafety International.
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FlightSafety will continue to help DRONAMICS pilots and engineers with cutting-edge training.

The agreement will ensure that DRONAMICS’ remotely piloted aircraft meet the highest operational and safety standards.

As DRONAMICS’ operations expand, future plans include the codevelopment of a combined academy to fulfil expanding resourcing requirements.

May 2022, London – DRONAMICS, the world’s premier developer and operator of middle-mile freight drones, today announced a collaboration with FlightSafety International on an advanced training programme for its remote pilots and engineers. With over 70 years of expertise, FlightSafety International is the foremost training provider for pilots and maintenance workers. The EASA, FAA, and a number of other aviation regulatory bodies have authorised its training programmes. The continuous relationship will ensure that the DRONAMICS Black Swan aircraft’s growing pool of pilots meets the highest industry requirements for operational performance and safety.

The alliance, which was announced at this year’s EBACE (The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition), comes at a critical time for the company, as it prepares for the maiden commercial flights of its flagship Black Swan aircraft later this year. To satisfy DRONAMICS’ growing resourcing needs, the two firms are collaborating on the construction of a training academy for UAV pilots in the future.

“At Dronamics, we believe that safety is the cornerstone of a successful operation. This is why we’ve partnered with Flight Safety International to provide our pilots and engineers with ongoing support in cutting-edge training. Flight Safety will ensure that our remote commercial pilots are always trained to and maintain the highest standards in operational excellence and safety as we move closer to our first commercial flights later this year. Our future ambitions include collaborating on the creation of a school that will prepare us to fulfil the resourcing needs of operating the world’s first drone freight airline.” Dronamics COO Sergio Oliveira e Silva

About DRONAMICS: DRONAMICS is the world’s premier developer and operator of big, long-range cargo drones. Its flagship Black Swan is capable of transporting 350 kg of goods over 2,500 km at up to 80% less cost than any other aircraft, enabling sameday shipment across large distances for a variety of industries, from pharma to food, e-commerce to spare parts. The Black Swan was built with fuel efficiency in mind, emitting up to 75% less pollution than other middle-mile forms of transportation, such as air freight.

The company’s rapidly expanding workforce includes some of the world’s leading aircraft and logistics professionals and has won multiple honours for innovation, including the IATA Drone Innovation Award. DRONAMICS was recognised a Top 10 EUAfrica startup by the European Commission and is IATA’s first Strategic Partner for drones globally.

FlightSafety International is the world’s leading professional aviation training corporation and a leading provider of flight simulators, visual systems, and displays to commercial, government, and military organisations. Pilots, technicians, and other aviation professionals from 167 countries and territories are trained by the organisation. At Learning Centers and training locations around the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom, FlightSafety maintains the world’s largest fleet of modern full-flight simulators.

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