HUSH Aerospace and DRONEDEK announce a new partnership.

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  • HUSH Aerospace and DRONEDEK announce a new partnership.
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HUSH is at the forefront of drone technological advancements.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIA, MAY 2nd, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUSH Aerospace and DRONEDEK have launched a collaboration. DRONEDEK is known for its “future mailbox,” which will offer secure deposit of autonomously and traditionally delivered parcels.

“The future is swiftly approaching, and we’re prepared to meet it with solutions to challenges consumers have raised even as they demand drone delivery,” said Dan O’Toole, CEO of DRONEDEK.

The goal of HUSH Aerospace is to reduce drone noise levels.

“HUSH is committed to offering package transportation platforms that are safe, low-noise, and uncrewed. We understand that consumers will not put up with noisy drones carrying packages to their front yards “said Zachary Johns, CEO and Co-Founder of HUSH.

DRONEDEK is platform neutral, and iterates on its “mailbox of the future” design on a regular basis to suit delivery needs, allowing any autonomous delivery system to communicate with the devices. In addition, the business is aiming to accommodate various types of packaging.

“We actually see the DRONEDEK as a new kind of speciality category: mailbox as a service, or MaaS,” O’Toole explained. “Consumers will expect far more from those involved in the delivery chain in the digital age. We intend to be the first and best option for them.”

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global drone package delivery market will be valued $51 billion by 2028.

Alpine 4 Holdings subsidiaries Vayu Aerospace and ElecJet are also working with DRONEDEK.

DRONEDEK is one of the world’s first companies to concentrate on package security for both traditional and autonomous delivery methods. The DRONEDEK mailbox, which was designed to accept drone delivery but also accepts ordinary mail, is expected to become a common utility service like power or water. The device will keep parcels hot or cold, notify users when items arrive, charge drones, and, if necessary, serve as an emergency alarm. When the gadget is opened for delivery and retrieval, as well as its emergency alert features, it is controlled by an app.

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