Fat Shark, a Red Cat Holdings subsidiary, will launch the innovative Dominator Drone FPV Goggle.

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  • Fat Shark, a Red Cat Holdings subsidiary, will launch the innovative Dominator Drone FPV Goggle.
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MAY 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT), a hardware-enabled software provider to the drone industry, has announced the launch of the Dominator, a new FPV (first-person viewer) drone headset from its Fat Shark subsidiary. The Dominator is a low-latency, 1080p digital goggle with a longer range of flight than current systems. Pre-orders for Dominator headsets and systems will be available soon, with deliveries beginning in June.

DRL Champion and Rotor Riot pilot Alex Vanover wears Fat Shark Goggles.

“Joining Red Cat has provided the Fat Shark team with the opportunity and resources to create an amazing next-generation FPV headset. “The Dominator is the first in a series of new products that will help Fat Shark and Red Cat stay on the cutting edge of drone innovation,” said Fat Shark founder Greg French.

The Dominator will make its debut public appearance at Rotor Riot RAMPAGE 2022 in Barnwell, South Carolina, from May 14-16, 2022. Rotor Riot RAMPAGE 2022 is an immersive weekend festival on a 750-acre property including well-known drone pilots like as Le Drib, Bubby FPV, Vort3x, and Nurk, among others, with freestyle drone flying as the primary subject.

“A game-changing goggle has been conceived and engineered by Fat Shark, an American-owned firm, that will enable significant breakthroughs in the drone sector.” “We expect the new Dominator goggle will be well appreciated in the marketplace and drive our revenue growth in the coming quarters,” said Red Cat CEO Jeff Thompson.

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. information
Through its five companies, Red Cat provides drone-based goods, services, and solutions to the enterprise, military, and consumer industries. Teal Drones is a pioneer in the field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and its Golden Eagle is one of only five drones licenced by the Department of Defense for reconnaissance, public safety, and inspection missions. Drones equipped with Skypersonic’s technology may do inspections in areas where GPS is not available, while nevertheless recording and transmitting data from thousands of kilometres away. Fat Shark is a major manufacturer of FPV (First Person View) video goggles. Rotor Riot, LLC is a retailer of FPV drones and accessories, focusing on the consumer market.

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