Drones-For-Good: A Young Inventor And Entrepreneur Sets Out To Change The World

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Aerobotics7 is a cutting-edge technological company that is developing drone technology to help remove landmines without putting people in danger.

We see new technological developments every day, and it has only been good to us. When handled correctly, technological developments have made our jobs easier and made us feel safer. Many creative people are constantly trying and inventing new products to benefit humanity. Urvashi Kikani, Co-Founder and Chief R&D Officer of Aerobotics7, an innovative technology business focusing on drone technology that can help get rid of landmines remotely without putting people in danger, is one such genius. Over 100 million active landmines are estimated to be buried globally, posing a significant risk to many lives as well as the lands where these young inventors are attempting to address this global issue.We had the opportunity to speak with Urvashi about her career, business, and plans for the future. The following is the transcript of our talk.

Tell us about your previous experiences and what inspired you to start your business.

To be honest, my experience has been enjoyable and intriguing thus far. Aircraft have always fascinated me since I was a child. My desire to learn more about aeroplanes prompted me to pursue Aeronautical Engineering, and I was also determined to make a difference in the world. My first humanitarian project led me into the field, and I began learning more about aircraft structures, aerodynamics, and avionics. I’ve always wanted to contribute something good for the world, which is how I came across the EAGLE A7 project, on which an outstanding young innovator named Harshwardhan Zala was working.

Without hesitation, I joined the project and began working on my ambition of helping lives all across the world; soon after, we launched Aerobotics7. We set out to create drones that could readily identify landmines, even if they were made of plastic, without the need for human deminers to risk their lives. As a result of our efforts, we began to receive recognition.

How do you plan to stand out in this day and age of fierce competition?

Our project serves a larger goal, and we are not competing with anyone. We are here to provide the greatest answer to the world, and we are working hard to achieve that goal. Our drones are the result of several iterations and trial and error. They have AI-based and multiple spectrum-driven detecting systems that can reliably identify and destroy landmines without the need for human interaction. We distinguish out because of our unique approach and the time we spend improving the drones.

What has been your secret to success, and what are the things you will never compromise on?

Our ultimate key to success is our teamwork, fundamental beliefs, lessons, and purpose. At all costs, the company’s beliefs and aim to provide the greatest solutions are non negotiable. This has inspired the entire team to come together and work around the clock to maximise the technology’s potential. In 2021, we launched a campaign at Aerobotics7 called “World Without Landmines” in partnership with PeaceJam Foundation, a US-based NGO under the guidance of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams. Landmines are being removed, territories are being reclaimed, and the globe is being reimagined as part of the campaign.

What does Aerobotics7 have in store for the future?

Aerobotics7 has swiftly become one of India’s most inventive and mission-driven drone companies. With the best resources, talent, and finance, we are now focusing on entering the American market to produce the best technology and deliver it to the global market. With our objective to Make the world a safer place, we are focused on tackling one problem at a time before moving on to the next.

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