Drone startup sprays fertilizer over 4,000 acres

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”We have sprayed fertilizers in 4,000 acre farm land spread in Khargone, Raisen, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Guna and Gwalior districts with the help of a drone to do a business of Rs 12.5 lakh,” Indore-based SkyLane Dronetech said.

SkyLane Dronetech, a drone technology startup, announced on Thursday that it has used a drone to sprinkle fertiliser over 4,000 acres of agricultural land and is planning to apply the technology for healthcare delivery.

“With the use of a drone, we sprayed fertilisers on 4,000 acres of farm land spread throughout Khargone, Raisen, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Guna, and Gwalior districts for a Rs 12.5 lakh business,” said Prayas Saxena, founder and CEO of Indore-based SkyLane Dronetech.

Saxena, 34, said he and his friends founded Skylane Dronetech in December 2021, and the company now has a fleet of six drones.

He said that the company secured a Rs 2 crore credit from the central government’s Agriculture Infrastructure Fund at a cheaper interest rate.

According to Saxena, the corporation will buy ten more drones.

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