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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for drone pilots looking to expand their skillset to include surveying, mapping, or modeling. It will lead you through the basics of drone surveying from flight planning to data capture.

Do you need prior knowledge?

No prior knowledge of surveying or 3D modeling is required. You can be a beginner and still be able to grasp the information.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

Ownership of a drone, as well as basic drone flying ability, is assumed. In order to perform surveying jobs, it’s best if you are comfortable generally flying your drone first.

What will I be able to do after this course?

This course will give you the knowledge to start performing drone-based surveying jobs. You will be familiar with the types of data that need to be collected for both 2.5D (mapping) and 3D (modeling) surveying work, as well as how to effectively capture images for both cases. The information is geared towards visual photogrammetry, but the same methods apply to thermal mapping, multispectral imaging, and other remote sensors.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course will give you the knowledge to start performing drone-based surveying jobs. Visual images, maps, and models are the most common deliverables. Drone surveying also encompasses data captured with infrared and multispectral / hyperspectral cameras. By utilizing different sensors and capture methods, drones are able to provide useful data to a wide range of industries. This course will show you how to do this and more.
  • This drone surveying course is about the creation of maps, 3D models, and other geographical data via drone. It is most commonly done by taking many images at different locations and then using software to merge them all together, creating a geometrically accurate map or model. In practice, this is accomplished using software that automates both flight and image capture.

Topics for this course

39 Lessons2h 30m

Drone Mapping Topic

What is Land survey?00:07:06
What is Drone Mapping?00:6:51
What is an Orthomosaic?00:5:00
What is Point Cloud & 3D Model?00:05:09
What are DSM , DEM & DTM?00:06:43
What is Topographic Map & Contour Lines?00:06:37
Workflow of Drone mapping and Survey Accuracy.00:05:29
What is Ground Sampling Distance(GSD) ?00:06:09
Ground Control Points (GCPs) in Drone Mapping.00:05:00
Difference between PPK and RTK Drone?6:18
Image overlap and its effect on accuracy.3:42
NADIR & Oblique Image0:57
Understanding Client requirement with example.2:20
Selection of Drone & Camera.5:41
What is flight plan and its Software?1:15
What is KML file ? why & How to use it?0:45
Google Earth Installation and Reading of a KML file4:32
Converting lat ,long to KML & creating boundary to the KML.3:48
Types of flight Plan (Off Site & Onsite) & Different application for flight plan.1:57
Starting with Flight Planning Software2:17
Importing of KML to desktop & creating pc based flight plan8:08
Challenges in flight plan & creating Multiple flight plan for a large area in Software3:30
How to Create Boundary for unknown site using Android app and Google Earth.5:10
Creating Flight Plan in software using KML of the Boundary.2:23
Setting up DJI app before Flying4:07
Capturing Nadir Images Using Android App4:38
Mapping of a Large Area by changing Drone Battery5:09
Data Check of Captured image onsite3:11
Installation of Second App1:59
Learn about Polygon mission to capture data6:16
Learn about Grid Mission to capture data2:06
Oblique Image using Circular Mission3:31
KML Import in Flight Planning Software1:36
Introduction to image processing Software00:02:26
Image Processing in a software5:22
Introduction to Pix4D and its Installation2:01
Basic Image Processing with Pix4D Mapper9:36
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Absolutely Amazing. This is what i am looking for. I will go for Pix4D Course too.

Enrolled both of your Courses. I am new to this drone mapping field ,it helped me a lot. Thanks for making such a great content and your support.

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