Axon and Skydio Announce New Axon Respond for Public Safety Integration of Skydio Autonomous Drones

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Public safety agencies using Skydio drones and Axon Respond, Axon’s real-time operations platform, will now be able to access drone live-streams to provide more comprehensive views of situations, according to Axon (Nasdaq: AXON).

Axon and Skydio’s collaboration marks a sea change in how public safety agencies can use small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for real-time situational awareness and evidence management. The Axon Respond connection will allow command staff and 911 dispatchers to integrate the live streaming capabilities of Axon body-worn and in-car cameras with the aerial perspective of the Skydio drone, all within the same network.

Skydio drone-captured imagery will live alongside corresponding body-worn camera video in Axon’s digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence, in addition to wireless live streaming and digital evidence management, as announced last year. Skydio evidence can be securely and efficiently managed and shared like any other digital asset in Axon Evidence.

“We’ve seen drones help keep first responders and the communities they serve safer,” says Skydio CEO Adam Bry. “Our integrations with Axon Evidence, Respond, and Air bring together market-leading technologies to enable our customers even more effective methods of getting situational awareness and capturing and managing evidence.”

“Drones are increasingly becoming a key instrument for public safety,” says Axon Air General Manager Aydin Ghajar. “This integration of Axon’s software package into Skydio drones gives agencies with additional flexibility in how they use situational awareness.” “By providing first responders with a more effective approach of gaining situational awareness and capturing evidence, this cooperation underscores Axon’s commitment to ensuring everyone gets home safe.”

Agencies will soon be able to effortlessly manage their drone programmes with Axon Air powered by DroneSense’s comprehensive programme management platform, which includes pilots, flight logs, data, and hardware. Automated record keeping will make it simple to ensure accountability and transparency throughout the company. Customers will be able to use this integration later.

Skydio Information
Skydio is a leading drone manufacturer in the United States and a world leader in autonomous flight. Skydio uses cutting-edge AI to construct the world’s most intelligent flying machines for consumers, businesses, and governments. Skydio was founded in 2014 by a group of top AI, robotics, camera, and electric vehicle experts from top firms, research institutes, and universities around the world. To provide the highest levels of supply chain and manufacturing security, Skydio designs, assembles, and maintains its products in the United States from its headquarters in Redwood City, Calif. Skydio is backed by prominent investors and key partners, including Andreessen Horowitz, Levitate Capital, Next47, IVP, Playground, and NVIDIA, and is trusted by major organisations across a wide range of industry sectors.

Axon’s Background
Axon is a network of devices, apps, and people that work together to make public safety professionals smarter and safer. Our technologies provide clients with the confidence, focus, and time they need to keep their communities safe, as part of our commitment to defend life. Our products have an impact on every part of a public safety officer’s daily routine, with the purpose of ensuring that everyone returns home safely.

We put in a lot of effort for those who put themselves in danger for the sake of the rest of us. The Axon network of devices, apps, and people has saved over 266,000 lives and countless money to date. Visit or call (800) 978-2737 for additional information. Axon is a multinational firm with operations in Australia, Canada, Finland, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, as well as a global software engineering hub in Seattle, Washington.

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