ASSTC officials would be trained in drone technology by IIT Guwahati for modern land management.

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  • ASSTC officials would be trained in drone technology by IIT Guwahati for modern land management.
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IIT Guwahati will offer drone operations, training, maintenance, data collection, and application courses in a variety of industries.

The Recorder’s Certificate Class Course (RCCC) will last one week, while the officer’s class will last four days.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati will provide Assam Survey and Settlement Training Centre (ASSTC) staff with Drone Tech training.

Drone operations, training, maintenance, data collecting, and application in various areas will be taught at IIT Guwahati. To build knowledge, the authorities will also attend theory classes on current land management, research, and projects.

On May 4, the two institutes signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to that effect. The occasion was attended by Assam revenue and disaster management minister Jogen Mohan, IIT Guwahati director TG Sitharam, and other authorities.

“This MoU is a significant step forward in aiding the region in this new era of technology and education. It will motivate individuals to contribute to the region’s growth “Mohan stated.

“We look forward to spreading this technology to several other industries in the near future,” Sitharaman added, expressing hope that the collaboration will be productive.

According to Parameswar K Iyer, Dean of Public Relations and Branding at IIT Guwahati, “the effort has been taken to include knowledge-based technological innovation in the training curriculum for state authorities.”

According to the MoU, IIT Guwahati will provide survey and settlement training to ASSTC administrative and technical staff. These training classes are also open to private candidates.

The course will last one week for Recorder’s Certificate Class Course (RCCC) students and four days for officer’s class students, with one examination, project report submission, and a presentation at the end of the session.

Since the liberalisation of drone laws last year, similar administrative moves have been made. The Haryana state government announced the establishment of an institute – Drone Imaging and Information Service of Haryana Limited (DRIISHYA) – to train pilots in drone imaging on April 14, which might save a lot of time in capacity building.

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